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Are you Formatting Your Presentation to the Right Level?

PowerPoint formatting is science too! All you need to know are answers to the “What”, “Why”, “When” and “Which” for a deck’s design. Formatting your presentation to the right level for the right slide brings in the much needed WOW factor. Bingo!! Your slide just did all the talking for you. 

You could be a presentation designer or someone seeking/working with a presentation designer for a slide deck. A good understanding of the specific needs of a deck is all it takes to give it a classy professional look. In other words, the key is to understand the requirements of the scenario and the Levels of PowerPoint Formatting that it calls for. So, there is indeed a secret sauce here.

How to Pick a Level to Format Your PowerPoint Deck?

Here are some examples of real life scenarios for the three Levels of PowerPoint Formatting that might just save your day when faced with the daunting task of formatting a slide deck.

Download this infographic for visual cues on the three levels of formatting.

Scenarios for Basic Clean-up of a PowerPoint Deck – Level 1

level1  Formatting your presentation to the right level

Simple, straightforward and basic sprucing up to give the deck a cleaner and consistent look throughout. Here are some scenarios that you or your design partners might want to look out for:

  • You have the design and format set. You even have a few sample slides. You only need the rest of the deck to be formatted consistent with the template.
  • You have an internal meeting with your colleagues. You don’t really need a high end presentation.
  • Your decks are simple, McKinsey-style decks. There is no need to give it a “designer deck” look.
  • You have a photo of a whiteboard or a page of a book or you have written your slides by hand on paper and you now need to convert them to PPT slides.

Check out this infographic for some life saver, PowerPoint Design Tips and Ideas. You might even want to pin it up near your desk!

Scenarios for Design Repackaging of a PowerPoint Deck – Level 2

levels-2 Formatting your presentation to the right level

When just sprucing up is not enough. Some layouts need to be changed and you need to add that little extra something to give the slides a WOW factor. Any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You need the slides to have a good clean-up, consistent look and also redo the layout on a few slides that you are not happy with.
  • You need to add imagery and/or icons to specific slides to perfectly convey the message.
  • You have the overall design as to how the PPT template should look like but you want a fully functional PPT template created.

Scenarios for Visual Makeover of a PowerPoint Deck – Level 3

levels-3 Formatting your presentation to the right level

Almost akin to a regular makeover for anything. Be it a wardrobe or your hairstyle or your living room. This version takes your deck to a whole new level. An entirely different look and feel. Here are some pointers you can use to identify if your slides need a visual makeover:

  • You have some design ideas but you also want to see some additional ideas on visualizing them.
  • You want your slides to have an infographic look and feel.
  • You have a deck that tells a story using multiple steps of animations and/or transitions.
  • Your company does not have a PowerPoint template. You need a brand new template to be designed in sync with your company style guidelines for all your future decks to follow.

Still unsure how to choose a level for your deck? No worries. Pin-up the Levels Of PowerPoint formatting infographic by your deck. Refer to it each time your presentation needs a design treatment! 

 Scenarios for Levels of PowerPoint Formatting

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