Presentation Challenges and Solutions

Sunitha Anupkumar

Sunitha Anupkumar is the Sales and Marketing manager at Chillibreeze. She is the first point of contact for every new customer. She loves juggling her duties of working with prospective customers and strategizing marketing initiatives for Chillibreeze’s presentation design services. 

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Are you Formatting Your Presentation to the Right Level?

PowerPoint formatting is science too! All you need to know are answers to the “What”, “Why”, “When” and “Which” for a deck’s design. Formatting your presentation to the right level for the right slide brings in the much needed WOW factor. Bingo!! Your slide just did all the talking for you. 

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What Level of PowerPoint Formatting Does your Deck Need?

Do you break into sweat on the eve of a presentation? Trust me….I do! Disobedient text boxes, images with a mind of their own, fonts that go awry, bullet points that tend to roam all over the slide, table column sizes that play a tug of war…the list goes on. And I have not even talked about sticking to the colors and rules of a style guideline. Makes me think…handling my pre-teen at home is easier. This is why my respect for presentation designer colleagues grows exponentially…every single day!

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Top 5 Presentation Design Challenges of Consultants

Consulting is as much about visual communication as it is about the core management expertise. One cannot exist without the other. And PowerPoint is the biggest tool that helps consultants in communicating next big brainwave strategy to their clients. In spite of this, many of them find PowerPoint very daunting. Here are the top 5 reasons for the presentation design challenges of consultants:

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