Presentation Challenges and Solutions

How to Create Amazing Charts using Think-Cell?

We all have faced the big scary process of manually drawing charts in PowerPoint. Assembling data into a report is one thing, the next is presenting that data in an easily understandable form.

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10 Common PowerPoint Formatting Mistakes to Avoid

Do you remember the last time you got annoyed or angry at someone because they did not get your instructions and ruined your day?

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When Should You Give Your PowerPoint Decks a Visual Makeover

Whenever I visit my parents’ home, which is a two-hour drive from where I live now, I am constantly welcomed with loud bangs. There is always a worker hammering or fixing something in our family home.

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How to Easily Communicate Design Instructions Through Jing

Ever wished you could telepathically communicate your ideas to your teammate or client? A direct instant connection to the person’s brain so information transfer is less of a hassle. Unfortunately, humans are not built in that way. However, we are smart enough to create tools that make transfer of information and ideas a simple and easily digestible process.

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Boost Your Presentation Design with PowerPoint Icons

Can you sit through a presentation that is all text and no visuals?

Imagine 2 hours intense meeting staring at a screen with full of data and information with plain text….phew…it already sounds exhausting, right??

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Is PowerPoint Still an Effective Presentation Tool?

Say you are well prepared for your next presentation spending enough time to rehearse and ready with your best attire and on that day, a bad visual spoils it for the audience. Ever happened to you?

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