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Transforming a ‘Transformation’ Idea into a Motion Graphic Video

Transforming a Transformation Idea into a Motion Graphic Video

About InterCall

InterCall is the world’s leading conferencing services provider. Over 77,000 organizations, including 85% of the Fortune 100, rely on InterCall for their meeting needs. The company provides organizations, both large and small, communication solutions through fast, secure, and reliable online meetings and conference calls in both audio and video. They have consistently satisfied customer’s needs for over 20 years which won them many award-winning conferencing solutions.

InterCall’s goal is to empower organizations through a single virtual meeting, combining audio, video, and web. The solution is in their new product - Cisco WebEx. Their idea was to communicate the Value of Transformation that can change how employees collaborate within an organization and how we can collaborate with business partners. The plan was to create a simplistic video with PowerPoint Animations. This video content needed to be simple and yet insightful in nature.

Key Challenges

Though easy to execute, the graphics were not impactful enough when created using PowerPoint animations. The PowerPoint animated video did not have the desired effects as required.
  1. The features missing in the animated video were:
    • Dynamic animations
    • Minute transition effect on icons like a question mark transforming into exclamation mark.
  1. The video does not have smooth transitions from one slide to another.
  2. The video had to visualize the idea of transformation.


Ever ready to rescue customers with presentation design needs, Chillibreeze took the project head on. A creative solution was provided.  To create a dynamic motion graphic video, Adobe Illustrator and After Effects were used instead of PowerPoint. The idea on transformation that would change the way the world does business became a reality.

  1. A stunning one-minute video that effectively showcased the benefits of collaboration and transformation of InterCall’s CMR Cloud Service was created.

  2. The step by step process in the making of a motion graphic video was initiated by the team and iterated, improved upon at every step till the final video production.

  3. Every detailed attention was made to ensure the video graphics reflected InterCall’s brand.


  1. The partnership and collaboration took the video to a higher level than initially intended. It contributed to a great win-win and a huge value add.

  2. Value for cost and time:
    • Using Adobe After Effects saved a great amount of time to make a graphic video.

    • If PowerPoint was used, the project would have taken approximately 18 - 20 days to complete with lesser dynamics but because of Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, the video was completed within defined timelines and with much higher quality in 10 days!

    • With overnight iterations, review and instant feedbacks were provided and this speed up the whole process and saved huge time and cost.

InterCall found a smart, simple, creative solution that not only cater to their daily presentation needs but also an extended support for motion graphic videos in Chillibreeze.

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