Presentation Design

6 Must-Have Layout Slides For Your Business PowerPoint Templates

Ever had a PowerPoint deck that took a lifetime just to open? Or become laggy or slow to respond when you tried making changes to your presentation?

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How to get that Outstanding PowerPoint Presentation [Infographic]

As a college student, it never occurred to me that presentations were designed by professionals.

It never even occurred to me that some presentations looked better than most.

It’s like you never realize how pretty or out of place you look until someone made you aware of it.

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What's the Fuss About Presentations? (With Design Tips on What Not To Do)

Have you seen presentations with poor visuals that take away all the talks or even distracts the intended audience? Presentations can be annoying to build. However, not all presenters are designers.

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Easy and Effortless Ways of Maintaining Your Corporate PowerPoint Template

 Business PowerPoint template is a tool that can either make or break a deal. Like any other tools out there it needs maintenance to be in shape and effective for you.

PowerPoint templates are a great way to replicate and reuse design elements of a presentation deck. Repetitive tasks become easier to handle this way.

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Signs your Corporate PowerPoint Template Needs a Revamp

...can you help revamp our existing template before you proceed with designing the slides?

Yes, that has always been the question we get from our customers across the globe, when they first partnered with us at Chillibreeze for presentation design support.

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4 Reasons Why you Need a Corporate PowerPoint Template

Imagine what if every member of your team is given a free rein for each of their presentation for the next big client meeting? What would you get? A dizzy mish-mash of colors, fonts, styles and images. Whatever happened to the company brand, style and consistency? Took a trek to Timbuktoo probably!

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