Presentation Challenges and Solutions

Flexible Communication with Team – A Microsoft Productivity Application

Work collaboration software had been around for some time before the Microsoft productivity application, Teams came into the picture.

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How to Pick the Right Image Format for Your Presentations

Presentations without visuals are like sleeping pills. Who would want to read lines and lines of boring text? I would say no one.

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How to Use Think-Cell for Visualizing Charts Effectively

Are you about to prepare an important PowerPoint presentation that includes a lot of data?

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4 Ways to Work Faster in PowerPoint 2016 That You SHOULD Know

It amazing how certain situations can lead us to great discoveries. Just the way the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama discovered a sea route to India on May 20th, 1498.

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This Is Why We Love Office 365 and Its Applications

When I joined Chillibreeze in the year 2015, the first thing that I heard was Office 365 and at that moment I thought it’s a new version of Microsoft Office application.

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This is Why You Need a PowerPoint Style Guide

Did you ever attend a corporate meeting in your night suit?

Or go for a wedding in your denims and T-Shirt?

I did that once (Awkward).

I accompanied my boss in one of his weekly rounds visiting village level sub-centres and I was dressed for that, oblivious to his intention of attending a wedding after.

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