Presentation Challenges and Solutions

Joshua Nonghuloo

Joshua is a web technician at Chillibreeze who supports the Marketing and Sales team with any technical aspects of the company's sites but also contributes to technical content for Chillibreeeze's blog. A music enthusisast and nature lover.

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How to Create Amazing Charts using Think-Cell?

We all have faced the big scary process of manually drawing charts in PowerPoint. Assembling data into a report is one thing, the next is presenting that data in an easily understandable form.

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How to Easily Communicate Design Instructions Through Jing

Ever wished you could telepathically communicate your ideas to your teammate or client? A direct instant connection to the person’s brain so information transfer is less of a hassle. Unfortunately, humans are not built in that way. However, we are smart enough to create tools that make transfer of information and ideas a simple and easily digestible process.

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How to Conquer PowerPoint Formatting Graphic needs?

How can you keep your audience focused on your presentation?

Simple solution: One way is to find images on the web that relate to your ideas and another way is to create your own Images, shapes and charts to convey your ideas.

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5 Powerful Apps to Make Presentations Quickly and Effectively

Designing your PowerPoint Presentation decks within a stipulated time-frame with quality is one of the common PowerPoint challenges. Without the right tools and apps to create a seamless process for making effective presentations in PowerPoint production, your projects will most likely fall way behind the proposed deadlines and come out as mediocre Presentations.

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