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Kristy Shangpliang

Started out in Chillibreeze as a PowerPoint designer and realized that her niche was in marketing. She is now working fulltime as a marketing executive. She has a passion for writing and is very curious by nature. Loves animals and environment.
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Flexible Communication with Team – A Microsoft Productivity Application

Work collaboration software had been around for some time before the Microsoft productivity application, Teams came into the picture.

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This is Why You Need a PowerPoint Style Guide

Did you ever attend a corporate meeting in your night suit?

Or go for a wedding in your denims and T-Shirt?

I did that once (Awkward).

I accompanied my boss in one of his weekly rounds visiting village level sub-centres and I was dressed for that, oblivious to his intention of attending a wedding after.

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Things you Need to Know About Metro Style: Its Use in PowerPoint

Did you know that the style and looks used by Microsoft in its Windows phone is called metro style?

Developed by Microsoft, the design is used in its products like Xbox, Windows phone and you would have noticed the new look that Windows 8 had, to be followed by successive Windows launched.

It is a widely used name for Microsoft designs.

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Ways to Communicate Effectively in Your Business Emails

Email is the primary form of communication when you are in a B2B setup.

Emails help keep track of every information that flows in and out of your organization.

Have you gone a day without checking your inbox?

Yup! it's like an addiction that you can not do away with.

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10 Common PowerPoint Formatting Mistakes to Avoid

Do you remember the last time you got annoyed or angry at someone because they did not get your instructions and ruined your day?

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When Should You Give Your PowerPoint Decks a Visual Makeover

Whenever I visit my parents’ home, which is a two-hour drive from where I live now, I am constantly welcomed with loud bangs. There is always a worker hammering or fixing something in our family home.

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