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Boost Your Presentation Design with PowerPoint Icons

Boost Your presentation Design with PowerPoint Icons

Can you sit through a presentation that is all text and no visuals?

Imagine 2 hours intense meeting staring at a screen with full of data and information with plain text….phew…it already sounds exhausting, right??

Everyone in the audience loses their focus and attention. To keep them hooked, it needs more than just good speaking skills of the presenter. Her skills need to be perfectly complimented by an engaging presentation with visuals and graphics in all appropriate slides.

PowerPoint icons are one of the simplest way to making your slides beautiful and appealing. These icons support your content. They bring clarity to your core message. They are used worldwide in professional presentations, for a clean, neat and engaging look.

Types of Icons Used in PowerPoint

  • Solid filled icons
  • Line icons
  • Png icons
  • ClipArt Icons

Solid filled icons and line icons are currently in trend. Png or clipart icons are hardly ever used these days. Editable filled icons and line icons are easy to use as we can change colors and use them as per the demands of the presentation.

Chillibreeze works with customers from a whole range of industries and businesses. Most are management consultants. Some are from financial services industries, some are advisors for big clients, few others from pharmaceuticals industry and even fashion! But they all use PowerPoint as their primary tool for presentations and are the happiest when we spruce up their slides with an icon here and an image there.

Ready to use Business PowerPoint Icons

Here are some of the popular and trending icons being used in PowerPoint presentations. The one on the left is solid filled icons and to the right you will see the line icons.

Oh! When preparing your presentation deck, make sure you do not mix the two. Stick to one style and use it consistently.

1. Financial Service Industry 

Financial Service Industry icons.png

 2. Transportation business – For those in transportation and logistics business, these icons are a must. 

Transportation business icons.png

3. Pharmaceuticals industry – As designers we have also came across with industries who are in the pharmaceuticals industry. From my experience, these are some icons that are commonly used in their presentations which are as follows

Pharmaceuticals industry icons.png 

4. Information technology 

Information technology icons.png

These are but few of the icons that we use on a daily basis. You could also create your own icons that best convey the terms or ideas in your slides. Custom icons have a charm of their own.

Icons are powerful and very helpful visual aid when used in your presentations. But it is also important that you apply some thought before randomly picking an icon. They should directly compliment the content and not just used for decorative purposes.

Small tips for Office 365 users:

  1. Make best use of the new features installed in Office 2016. PowerPoint has some in-built, ready to use and editable icons. Follow the three simple steps below to pick those for your presentations:

    Go to Insert tab → Click on icons → Select your required icon from the different categories

  2. Another helpful tip if you need some more variety of icons for your presentation is by converting Dingbats to Editable Icon

Tips and Tricks.png

After fragmentation, you can delete the extra shapes. There you have it – a nice and editable icon that best fits your need.

Download readymade icons below and also steps on how to create your own icons for your presentations. Go on and add awesome icons to bring in a WOW factor to your presentations.

Business PowerPoint Icons

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