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This is Why Your Company Needs PowerPoint Design Support

By James Syngai
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It’s almost the end of the day, and you are still struggling with your PowerPoint slides so that it looks presentable for a meeting with your client the next day.

Yes, you have the option of handing them over to your design team and leaving for the day, BUT the team is exhausted of resources, so you are left on your own.

What next?

With close to zero design skills, you are frustrated and on the verge of giving up. But you know that if you leave the PowerPoint deck as is, then it will not go well with your boss..

Have you thought of outsourcing to a PowerPoint design service provider?

It might have occurred to you once or twice when faced with a similar situation, but it never struck you hard enough to consider taking it up.

Your design team is overloaded with graphic works from fellow colleagues, and it can be hard to get a time slot for your PowerPoint decks.

It’s like waiting for your girlfriend/wife get ready for the movie that started half an hour ago.

You know this would happen, so what do you do? Tell her the show starts 2 hours earlier than the actual time.

That should do the trick.

Or outsourcing to a PowerPoint design company from another time zone might save you many hours to prepare for your meeting


Is outsourcing to a PowerPoint design service provider a solution?

Why not!? Consultants have all their day to write the core content. All it takes is an email to a graphics vendor in India or at the other end of the globe.

The vendor team takes over the PowerPoint formatting and design while you sleep.

And your professionally designed presentation is ready for first thing in the morning.

Optimum use of the time zone difference…. a perfect lemon to lemonade scenario.

Trust does not come easy when the vendor is half way across the globe.

Trust is a major concern as confidential information and data need to be shared. Any inadvertent mishaps and the your reputation is at stake. Any bad publicity will hit your business badly.

Having a vendor that understands a consultant’s life is like having another team that is part of your own organization. Someone whom you can trust and rely on.

Once this relationship is established, it is a lot easier for you to communicate with the vendor. Be it, in-house or outsourced; the key is for the vendor to be completely in sync with your work, way of life and most important your deadlines.

The vendor company has to be groomed to meet all requirements of the hiring consulting firm.

Setting up a good reliable mode of communication.

Figuring out a process to exchange minute details of work must be provided.

Overcoming issues like language barriers, inability to give instant feedback, and trust.

What should a consultant look for in a vendor?

  • A large dedicated team specializing in a core business.
  • Good PowerPoint skills. Preferablly MOS certified in PowerPoint.
  • Creative design skill that can knock your socks off.
  • Working with the latest updated tools.
  • Registered office premises with good infrastructure.
  • A good in-house support system with departments such as an IT team, Accounts team, HR to support day to day activities.

This gives an assurance that confidential data is in good hands and will not be misused as opposed to working with a vendor that hires freelancers to get the job done.

Outsourcing work to a reliable vendor will indeed increase the consultant’s business productivity and efficiency.

With the critical day to day presentation design work taken care of, your graphics team can now focus on creatives that need more time and attention.

In today’s connected world, boundaries and time zones are fast fading away. Trust, reliability, speed and quality of work are the key indicators to choose your vendors. In fact, a perfect win-win could be a combination of the two!

Outsourcing can be the best choice you ever made for your company.

It will save a lot of your time and businesses for your company. How?

Because you are not worrying your head off about getting your deck ready for your presentation.

  • You have more time in analyzing and preparing reports.
  • Rework with your team on a few slides before your final meeting.
  • Look over some data that you wanted to get back to but never did.
  • Take that long overdue coffee break.

Finding the right PowerPoint service provider might not be easy.

Since you will be sharing decks that might be sensitive and need a lot of care. Make sure that there are some agreements between both parties.

There are many providers out there, but when picking a company for ongoing projects that can last for six months to a year, you need to do a lot of research.

When your graphic team is stressed out and stretched to their limits, having a virtual team who can support them can come as a big relief.

Do you have any questions points that you would like to add to this? Leave us a comment and we will be happy to answer you.


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