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5 Value Add that a Presentation Design Services Company can Offer You

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Imagine how the Taj Mahal would look if Emperor Shah Jahan had asked for quotes and settled for the lowest!

To solve your presentation challenges, you can hire or outsource your work to a free-lance designer or a design service provider. But if you want value for money and go long term then engaging with a Presentation Design Services company is worth considering.

Benefits and value-adds are manifold and you stand to gain a lot more peace of mind and a stress free preparation time for your presentations. Let’s discuss the top 5 value adds that a presentation design company can bring to your consulting life:

  1. Design focused:
    Looking for a company whose services is niche and focused on design is a big stress buster during presentation time. Many marketing or multimedia companies offer design as part of their service. While they may be great, a Presentation Design focused company is master of one thing - a customer’s presentation success. They have an edge on industry presentation trends, style guides, varying corporate designs, and templates. Through the expertise gained over the years, they know a presenter’s pain points and just the right solution without making compromises on the quality of the presentation.

  2. A Partnership for Design:
    Design being subjective, partnership with a designer will determine your success.

    Let me explain:

    Your requirement would mainly be to format and clean up your slides or re-design your presentation. But sometimes you may need more than that.

    Things like flexibility, quick turnaround, easy accessibility or reachability, collaborated ideas, design options or suggestions for your presentation, handling complaints or damages that can cause along the way and the trust that you can build over time with a designing company.

    These value-adds that you can gain from a company are priceless because there is a team of experts backing you up for your presentation need.

    Discover how you can gain full benefit from this partnership.

Need help in choosing the right Design Partner?
  1. Secure infrastructure:
    Getting your presentation needs answered means collaborating with designers or design agencies, often involving file sharing or transfer of files over email or cloud network. And there-in comes the risk of your presentation content being intercepted in the wrong hands. Even if your designer is trusted and reliable, what if the file that is delivered to you is corrupted or virus infected? 

    A professional design company takes no shortcuts. They will use licensed software for developing your presentations. Also, bringing in extra security measures like SSH Keys, Firewalls, SSL or TLS certificates to ensure that your files are being shared over an encrypted network. Did you just overlook this important security aspect? 

    Security should never be compromised. So make sure your presentation design service provider is well-equipped when it comes to IT infrastructure and security.

  2. Transparent System:
    If you care about security, then you care about transparency too. A well-established design firm will have a good system in place to serve their customers better and faster.

    The value system of the company gives you a glance of the kind of service you would get from them. Good transparent processes from the time of onboarding to invoicing will help you get an inside peek of how your presentation or design work would get done.

    You would want integrity, transparency, honesty, and trust from the designer who would work on your decks. A transparent process will give you a sense of reliability for your presentation needs.

  3. Confidentiality:
    Like the saying goes, do not believe what is said but only what is written. This applies especially to the corporate world, even so with design presentations company. A great design company will follow strict confidentiality.

    Unlike freelancers who may forward their work to other clients as samples, a good design company that you can trust will have security policies and NDA documents in place. They do not disclose your documents or identities to other customers. If they are compliant or not to customer’s policies like non-compete clause and other security measures, they would be transparent about it from the very start.

So, you have it. The five value adds that a Presentation design company can offer you and the benefits you should be aware of when outsourcing your design work.

Have you experienced the benefits that you have gained from signing up with a good design company? Share them with us in the comments below.

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