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What Level of PowerPoint Formatting Does your Deck Need? [Infographic]

Do you break into sweat on the eve of a presentation? Trust me….I do! Disobedient text boxes, images with a mind of their own, fonts that go awry, bullet points that tend to roam all over the slide, table column sizes that play a tug of war…the list goes on. And I have not even talked about sticking to the colors and rules of a style guideline. Makes me think…handling my pre-teen at home is easier. This is why my respect for my presentation designer colleagues grows exponentially…every single day!

Do you break into a sweat on the eve of a presentation? Tweet: Do you break into sweat on the eve of a presentation? [Source: Chillibreeze]

So…When in Doubt – Ask an Expert

And it is just so convenient in my case. Almost all my colleagues are PowerPoint experts. So, “What is the secret ingredient?” I asked James Syngai – the man who leads the team. He said “Nothing”! But he did explain why there is no secret sauce to come up with great presentation design.

I asked one of our designers to create this awesome infographic to visually explain the levels of PowerPoint formatting - simplified. Looks like it is no rocket science after all.  It is all about understanding the specific needs of a slide, knowing your or the customer's preferences, and attending to them.

Levels of presentation design infographic Final-01.jpg

Pick the right level for your deck.

Follow some simple PowerPoint tips and tricks to give it a WOW factor!

Or if you have a Presentation Design Services vendor taking care of PowerPoint formatting for you, then just communicate the level of formatting you expect. It will definitely guide the designer to execute on point. 

Outsourcing PowerPoint Projects

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