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18 Ways Purposeful Work Impacts a Company and It's Customers

Working for a healthy profitable company benefits our customers - purposeful work at chillibreeze1. Working for a healthy profitable company benefits you and others.

 work not just a means to an end - work at Chillibreeze2. Work is important. Quality, faithful, diligent, honest work is something that has value in itself and should be perceived as a privilege and opportunity. It is not just a means to an end, but benefits many. 

 work helps you meet your family's needs - purposeful work at Chillibreeze3. Work helps you earn money to support your family.

 Chillibreeze Customers Depend on Good Quality Reliable Work - purposeful work4. Our customers depend on good quality reliable work executed with care.


Work allows you to be generous - purposeful work5. Work allows you to be generous.

 work provides purpose - purposeful work6. People crave to be productive. Unemployed people don't feel satisfied with their life. 


work builds confidence - purposeful work7. Becoming competent at work is fulfilling and provides significance. 


Work builds character - purposeful work8. Work builds character.

  work provides an opportunity to build up others - purposeful work9. Work provides an opportunity to build up others.

  Work is fun - purposeful work10. Work is fun.

   Work is enjoyable - purposeful work11. Making customers happy, building relationships with co-workers, gaining new skills, accomplishing, winning, and creating make work fun and satisfying.


Work stretches you - purposeful work12. In a healthy profitable company, you will be able to go beyond what you think you are capable of accomplishing. You will become the best you can be. Without responsibilities, this would not be possible.


Work accelerates learning and growth - purposeful work13. Work accelerates learning and growth. The pressure of work forces you to learn. 

 Work keeps you sharp - Ralph Budelman - purposeful work14. Work keeps you sharp. It keeps your mind working.


work teaches responsibility - purposeful work15. Work teaches responsibility. If you are not responsible, you are not valuable to a company.

 At Chillibreeze work teaches you the value of time - purposeful work16. Work teaches you the value of time.  


work helps you accomplish things that benefit others - purposeful work17. Work helps you accomplish things that benefit others.


A healthy society looks up to people with a job - purposeful work

18. A healthy society looks up to people with a job.

 value of work - purposeful work

Understanding the value of work is at the core of Chillibreeze.

These are some of the work acumen lived out at Chillibreeze every day. With deeper understanding and with the right perspective on work Cbers' are able to:

  • see beyond the immediate and feel satisfied with the long-term benefits of work
  • persevere knowing that pressure and hard work create growth.
  • be grateful they are working.
  • clearly explain to their parents the many benefits of work.
  • withstand the peer pressure of those that don’t have a clear perspective of work.
  • be joyful and content even when doing difficult tasks.

Today we are known for being the best company to work for in Shillong. Before anyone joins Chillibreeze, they know that hard work is one clear expectation. With the right perspective on work Cbers' are satisfied with the task they are given knowing that it is adding to a larger purpose: Our Vision.


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