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Joanna Budelman

Director of Operations at Chillibreeze. I am passionate about creating sustainable business with strong values that transform: individuals, families and communities. I believe that a healthy and profitable company can have an impact on a community and beyond. I guess you could say that’s the vision that motivated my husband and I to start Chillibreeze.

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5 Reasons Why Our Business Benefits From NPS Over Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you a small business and don’t have an easy way to measure customer loyalty? I have found an application tool that I find useful, and you might too. A tool that helps us discover how much our customers love our service, is invaluable.

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Consulting Firm Solves PowerPoint Graphic Support Problem

Joanna Budelman (Chillibreeze) Interviews Todd Orwig (The Spur Group) to get an inside look at how a consulting firm benefits from a strategic graphics partner located half way across the world.

Joanna Budelman: Thank you Todd. Both for this interview and for being such a great customer! We know The Spur Group is growing and Chillibreeze has been growing right along with you. In 2014 we started with supporting 8 Spur consultants sending 20 decks a month. Today Chillibreeze has served 71 from your team and we process about 95 decks a month.

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18 Ways Purposeful Work Impacts a Company and It's Customers

Customers experience success when supported by a team engaged in purposeful work.

It was the second time in many years that I was in town to participate in the entertaining, funny and uplifting Annual Awards at Chillibreeze. What stands out, and this year was no exception, is hearing the theme of purposeful work ring out in story after story.

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