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Miramon Suting

Armed with web-design and technical qualifications, inbound marketing is Mira's new found interest. She loves working with creative people and is always amazed at their art. Trekking and music is what keeps her going and refreshed to face challenges at work!

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How Failures Help Us Serve Customers Better

We all love to read customer success stories. The good feedback and praises that customers give, makes us love what we do. But this is not always the case.

There are times when we make mistakes, misunderstand instructions, do not pay attention to details, miss deadlines, etc. All this results in a very frustrated and unhappy customer.

How do we respond in such situations? What do we do to gain back their trust?

As a first step, we send them an apology and assure them that we will improve. And then, we take concrete steps to improve our work quality.

Here, I’ll share one such situation that happened to me a few months back with one of our customers. The purpose of this story is to share what I learnt. How my team and I turned lemons to lemonade! I believe such stories can inspire and motivate others who land in a similar situation.

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Motion Graphic Video: Solving a Marketer's Challenge

Steve Heuring, Partner at Audienz, communicated his ideas and concepts to a motion graphics video that not only impressed his clients but also helped him win additional projects for his team.

This interesting story captures a partnership that led to a fast and successful motion graphic project.

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Transforming a ‘Transformation’ Idea into a Motion Graphic Video

About InterCall

InterCall is the world’s leading conferencing services provider. Over 77,000 organizations, including 85% of the Fortune 100, rely on InterCall for their meeting needs. The company provides organizations, both large and small, communication solutions through fast, secure, and reliable online meetings and conference calls in both audio and video. They have consistently satisfied customer’s needs for over 20 years which won them many award-winning conferencing solutions.

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