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Motion Graphic Video: Solving a Marketer's Challenge

Steve Heuring, Partner at Audienz, communicated his ideas and concepts to a motion graphics video that not only impressed his clients but also helped him win additional projects for his team.

This interesting story captures a partnership that led to a fast and successful motion graphic project.

From Probability to Possibility

Steve and his team outsource their design and presentation work to Chillibreeze.

Now that explainer videos and motion graphics are effective marketing tools, Steve wanted to explore his video project with Chillibreeze’s Motion Graphics Design Team. He wanted a motion graphics video to have a “whiteboard” style with line drawn art cartoons in an animated fashion.

The task was to create three 30 sec videos. His whiteboard video would also require the recorded voice-over, background music and sound effects. If required, Steve was to recruit the right voice talent and coordinate for the recording.

Steve got in touch with one of our designers, Julbenson Hujon (Julz). And to his delight, Steve’s video idea was about to become not only a possibility but a reality.

Designer or Partner?

Normally for videos, Steve follows the below process:

  1. Script
  2. Storyboard
  3. Animation
  4. Voiceover
  5. Music
  6. Final

Steve prepared a rough script and he only had the initial ideas for visuals to go along with the script. He shared it with Julz in a doc format. He needed to move to the second step – making a storyboard.

Julz read Steve’s script and loved the idea that Steve put up for his video. Julz knew that TIME is a big factor for success of this project.

To speed it up, since the script was ready, he requested Steve to only provide him the sample of the visual ideas and a few rough sketches of the storyboard to get an idea of what Steve had in mind.  To help in synchronizing with the voice-over, he requested only a written dialogue or transcript of the voice over with the timing and frames.

He provided Steve with the below example format for the motion graphic video:

example format motion graphic video process

Another important question that Julz also asked was about Steve’s client’s brand guidelines.

“Steve, is there any particular brand/visual guidelines for us to follow in terms of colors and fonts?”

Knowing the brand guidelines will help Julz design his graphics and every element for the motion graphic video project to communicate a desired corporate brand! Any Corporate company will know that their brand guideline cannot be compromised.

A marketer’s challenge!

Everything looks good between the two. They seem to be on the same page and going the right direction. But, a week went by but Steve did not get back. Julz followed up but no response.

Julz was perplexed. “Has there been any misunderstanding between us? Or anything unclear?” he asked himself.

He came to know that Steve was done with the script, but he was stuck with the visual ideas for the storyboard. He had the ideas and concepts in place, BUT he could not find all the visuals that could match his script. Stressed and overloaded with other fiery darts, Steve had no time for his designer. He was still searching and gathering the visuals and images that would help Julz understand his concepts for the storyboard.

This is what has been eating up Steve’s time and kept Julz on the unexpected wait!

Till now, Steve had the script and jotted all of them roughly in PowerPoint. He copy pasted few images which he gathered for the corresponding scripts. Other scripts that he could not find visuals for, were still blank. The storyboard was not complete yet!

As for Julz, he only has the scripts that Steve shared in MS Word document. He only knew that Steve wants a whiteboard video but he had no idea on the visual elements that Steve had in mind.

Will Steve’s ideas remain in a script? Will they come to life?

Will Steve be able to complete his whiteboard video on time?

From Long suffering to Time Saving Solutions

After understanding Steve’s dilemma, Julz jumped in. He knew he can help Steve cut short his time and remove his road block. Julz gave Steve these four time saving solutions.

  1. Don’t worry about the blank slides on PowerPoint that you do not have the visual ideas yet, we will come up with visuals for the remaining script and get back to you for your review.
  2. Would it help if we come up with the rough story board for the animation for the remaining script in PowerPoint and get back to you for review to speed up the process?
  3. We will also provide you with a few sample of the line drawing elements for the animation, so that you will have an idea of how they will look like in the final whiteboard video.
  4. There will be a slight variation and adjustment from the storyboard to the animation but rest assured, we will maintain the concept and idea of the message you want to communicate.

An offer too good to refuse!

Steve was delighted. This solution relieved Steve from a lot of burden and finally got the project kicked off!

Great Experience delivered

From then on, the ship sailed full throttle to its desired destination. Steve and Julz were collaborating, exchanging feedback, ideas, iterations and building up on the storyboard. They tried different approaches, different styles, different designs to connect to their target audience. The message of the concept became better and better every stage – from the written script to the storyboard, to animated graphics, voice over, music background to the final brand voice!

The outcome?

Here is what Steve said:

The videos came out very well. We shared them with our customers, and they loved them!  The quality of the work is good, and the communication, speed, and efficiency are all great. I also really appreciate your team's responsiveness in making changes throughout this process and the various ways that you were able to bring the storyboard to life in the final video.

Steve did give some constructive feedback too. But in the end, it was a win-win and a great learning experience for both professionals.

If you are a business professional, do think about accelerating your ideas and bring them alive much faster and way better than the original conception.

Transform your concepts to high impact visuals

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