Customer Success Stories

Consulting Firm Solves PowerPoint Graphic Support Problem

Joanna Budelman (Chillibreeze) Interviews Todd Orwig (The Spur Group) to get an inside look at how a consulting firm benefits from a strategic graphics partner located half way across the world.

Joanna Budelman: Thank you Todd. Both for this interview and for being such a great customer! We know The Spur Group is growing and Chillibreeze has been growing right along with you. In 2014 we started with supporting 8 Spur consultants sending 20 decks a month. Today Chillibreeze has served 71 from your team and we process about 95 decks a month.

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What's the Big Deal About MOS Certification (PowerPoint)?

Our vision

2017 dawned with a new vision for us: Getting Us Better in Our Core Areas.

Supporting our global customers in designing and beautifying presentations is our core service.

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18 Ways Purposeful Work Impacts a Company and It's Customers

1. Working for a healthy profitable company benefits you and others.

 2. Work is important. Quality, faithful, diligent, honest work is something that has value in itself and should be perceived as a privilege and opportunity. It is not just a means to an end, but benefits many. 

 3. Work helps you earn money to support your family.

 4. Our customers depend on good quality reliable work executed with care.


5. Work allows you to be generous.

 6. People crave to be productive. Unemployed people don't feel satisfied with their life. 


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Motion Graphic Video: Solving a Marketer's Challenge

Steve Heuring, Partner at Audienz, communicated his ideas and concepts to a motion graphics video that not only impressed his clients but also helped him win additional projects for his team.

This interesting story captures a partnership that led to a fast and successful motion graphic project.

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Transforming a ‘Transformation’ Idea into a Motion Graphic Video

About InterCall

InterCall is the world’s leading conferencing services provider. Over 77,000 organizations, including 85% of the Fortune 100, rely on InterCall for their meeting needs. The company provides organizations, both large and small, communication solutions through fast, secure, and reliable online meetings and conference calls in both audio and video. They have consistently satisfied customer’s needs for over 20 years which won them many award-winning conferencing solutions.

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