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What's the Big Deal About MOS Certification (PowerPoint)?

Staffs of Chillibreeze MOS certified

Our vision

2017 dawned with a new vision for us: Getting Us Better in Our Core Areas.

Supporting our global customers in designing and beautifying presentations is our core service.

Working with Office 365 and its various features has become part and parcel of our daily tasks. We work on different platforms to meet the requirements of our customers, be it PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Illustrator, Photoshop to name a few. We want to give our best to our customers continuously. We want to raise the bar higher and higher to not only meet but also to exceed customer expectations. That’s when the Microsoft Office Specialist certification came into the picture.

Chillibreeze Journey 

About MOS certification

We encouraged every team member to get themselves certified in one or more of the certification tests.

Microsoft works through a worldwide channel of Certiport Authorized Testing Centers (CATCs) to sell, deliver and support the MOS program. Certiport Authorized Partners is the sole providers of MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Certification. Certiport is the Official Microsoft Partner for all certifications.

In addition, these partners provide approved curriculum and practice test solutions to assist students in passing the MOS certification exams. These global partners and testing centers are the only entities authorized to deliver and certify individuals on the MOS certification.

  • The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the leading IT productivity certification in the world.
  • MOS is the recognized certification by Microsoft to effectively assess MS Office skills and add value for students in the real-world marketplace.
  • The MOS certification is the only official Microsoft Office certification recognized by Microsoft Corporation.

Why get certified?

Why a certificate for something that you’ve been doing for years? Everyone asked... but working with corporate customers across the world there is a need to set a benchmark for all our designers. This will set a standard for what our customers would expect from us. The certification builds a credibility for the employees, not only help each one of the staff to learn new tools, new tricks but also that they can work faster.

Our next step

Chillibreeze is registered as a Certiport Authorized Testing Center and affiliated with Certiport as a Business Partner. The next step is for the employees to register individually at Certiport so to complete the examination and get certified. The staff pulled their socks up and prepared themselves with study materials, video tutorials, tips and tricks for this MOS certification.

Taking Practice Test and Exams

  • The employees enroll for the Certification Exams of each application of Office 2016
  • The employees then enroll for the practice test - those who have completed the test, further get an experience of the format of the exam
  • They review topics based on the results of the practice test
  • Candidates who require retaking the examination again can do so 24 hours after the first attempt

For successful candidates, the company recognizes the staff who completed the certification program on Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), to encourage fellow members.

On completion of the examination, they receive the digital certificate as well the hard copy of the certificate, personally signed by the Microsoft CEO himself (how awesome is that!)

Employees then receive an email with the digital badge that they can tag to their Social Media profiles like LinkedIn.

Expectation after certification

This certification will pave the way for new opportunities to the team members. This certification can tell us where we stand skill wise. This certification tells us exactly what is expected from us. A true value-add both to our personal career aspirations as well as to the customers!

Will this help us serve our customers better?

A question everybody asks…

Here’s what some of our certified staff has to say –

I had learnt some new tools when I was preparing for MOS Exam. I am sure that it will help us to work faster. There are tools we never use before, but now I know the purpose of having those tools, and we should take an advantage from those. This MOS Exam motivates me a lot.
- Moirangthem Suresh, Manager

Through this exercise, I got to learn a lot of things about PowerPoint that I did not know was possible. Though there are some things that I knew was possible but there are some faster ways of doing things.
- Sissy Warshong, Team Leader

We have learned about features we did not know of and learned how to do things the right way. Not our usual tricky way!
- Tiffania Razeala Nongsiej, Executive

This certification forced everyone out of their routine. It will definitely help the employees to give and serve our customers better to go with our mission statement - ...adding value to our customers.

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