Presentation Design

Here Are Top Takeaways by PowerPoint Designers on 2018 Design Trends

The term “design” on its own, is a broad term. In every field and industry, there is a need for design and designers.

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Why you Should Implement RACI Matrix in PowerPoint Project Management?

When your day is filled with 10 to 50 projects with a tight deadline, it’s only natural that you lose track of what you are doing, and get caught up in a whirlwind of tasks that might not be so important or urgent for the day or the week.

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Structure Your PowerPoint Presentation Using the AIDA Model

PowerPoint presentations are the most popularly used form of communication by consultancies and corporates to communicate with their clients.

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How to Use the New 3D Model Feature in PowerPoint?

We can now add 3D models into PowerPoint presentations!

This feature is available for Office 365 subscribers. It is also available in all of Microsoft Office applications, like Word and Excel.

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33 Things you should know when designing charts in PowerPoint

When was the last time you presented a document or gave a presentation without having to show some numbers? 

I bet most of your presentations have some numbers and you probably used charts for presenting them.

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How to Pick the Right Logo Design for Your Company

At Chillibreeze we recently held a logo contest for our creative services team. The participants were very excited about it. It was all that we would talk about while the event lasted.

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