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10 Easy Tips to Choose the Right Images for Presentations

'Images' are the “IN” thing in presentation trends today. Clichéd though it sounds, an image is indeed worth a thousand words. They help convey messages clearer than any content. Keeping the viewers engaged and hooked is just so much easier if you pick right images for presentations.   

Why spend time reading through a whole slide to understand the data when a quick glance at an infographic or an image can say it all instantly.

Picking right images for presentations is the key to perfect communication Tweet: Picking right images for presentations is the key to perfect communication [Source: Chillibreeze]

Images will enhance, add value and help communicate your great ideas. Here are some quick helpful tips to get the right images for your presentations:

1. Make a Connection

Use visuals or images that first support your content, and then add to the aesthetic value of the slide. At times, images are used just for filling up the white space in a slide, which is true. But they should always be in relevant to the slide’s content and theme.

2. Note the Image Size and Quality

Make sure the visuals are clear and of high quality. Images should also be laid out such that everyone in the audience sees it. The strength of the audience should also be considered while preparing or designing a presentation. The image should be visible no matter how huge a room is.

3. Focused Images

A presenter must use images which are focused on one area. An image which has many details on it will confuse the audience. A busy image will distract the audience from focusing on the key message which the presenter wants to convey.

4. Use Consistent Images in a Slide

If you want to add images to a slide, make sure you have a consistent formatting of images, i.e., same look and feel. Mixing a bright colored image with a black and white is not a good idea to consider, especially when it is on the same slide. There are several ways in keeping the consistency, the three points that Brainshark had pointed out in its article “3 Quick Tips for PowerPoint Image Consistency” are the go-to tips.

Do’s & Don’ts When Using Images In Your PowerPoint Slide

5. Avoid Clipart

Avoid using Clipart to give a clean and professional look to your deck. Clipart mostly looks cartoonish and won’t go along when you want to convey some important business message.

6. Photos That Fits Text

While choosing images, pick up images on which text can be added easily. If not for the current purpose, this always helps if a need arises in future. 

7. Ensure that you Use Copyright Images and Credit the Source of the Images

This is the most important point to be kept in mind while choosing or picking up images from the internet. It is mandatory to have a proper license from the companies before downloading and using the images in your presentations. It is also important to give credit to the source of the images.

8. Avoid Unnatural Images

In a presentation, it is best to use natural and real images . Avoid using images that look like it is taken in a studio/ staged. Keep images that show real scenarios like business people working in an office. Images are trendsetters when it comes to having your slides communicate visually.

9. Let the Visual Tell your Story

Images are used to tell the story of your slide. A kind of visual aid for the idea you are presenting. However, if it is going to pose as a distraction instead, you might as well do away with it. They might also shift away from the focus of viewers from the main message you are trying to convey.

10. Keep them Simple

Slide layout should aid easy readability. Pictures or other visual elements should be laid out neatly and not clutter the slide. As one of our experts says, when there is a mishmash of content on a slide, the presenter not only has to explain the concept of the slide but also the clutter.

Not only that, viewers can remember or recall an idea or a report easily when it is shown in a graphical manner. Simple yet powerful images support a presentation. However, choose the wrong one and you run the risk of miscommunicating with the audience.

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