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4 Reasons Why you Need a Corporate PowerPoint Template

4 Reasons Why you Need a Corporate PowerPoint Template

Imagine what if every member of your team is given a free rein for each of their presentation for the next big client meeting? What would you get? A dizzy mish-mash of colors, fonts, styles and images. Whatever happened to the company brand, style and consistency? Took a trek to Timbuktoo probably!

Here is a deal that is a win-win between following a brand guideline and unleashing one’s creativity. Build your very own Corporate PowerPoint Template! Let your teams be at their creative best and yet exude your company’s brand value.

For the creatively challenged, Microsoft has inbuilt PowerPoint templates you could choose from. However, the best part is you can build your own…to be in sync with your company’s website, logo and style guidelines.

Templates to your rescue

Having a PowerPoint template makes your life a tad bit, okay…a lot more, easy (whoever said “there are no short cuts to success” probably didn’t know about PowerPoint Templates). Here is why you should start using it:

  1. Consistency: This is one point that presentation experts across the globe would agree upon. Having a PowerPoint Template makes sure presentations from anyone in your company is consistent in terms of font, style, layout and colors.

  2. Saves Time: a lot of it infact! The slides are pre-designed and every possible piece of content is laid out neatly. Be it a bar chart, quote or an image, the design is already there. All you have to do is type in the content, add data or insert the image!

  3. Branding: When it comes to branding, a corporate PowerPoint Template ranks up there along with your website, logo or letterhead. With PowerPoint presentations being a powerful mode of communication within and outside a company, it is imperative that they talk your brand.

  4. Ease of formatting: aah…yes. Just say that and you can hear a sigh of relief from those non-design oriented team mates. You just saved their day. With a template, formatting the slides becomes a breeze!

The title slide, main body slide, image layout, chart layout, fonts and style….all the basic components of a presentation are set in the template itself. No more messy, hurriedly put together presentations from your team.

Go on, create and share a template with your design team.
Download this sample Corporate PowerPoint Template to get started. 

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