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4 Ways to Deliver Branding Using a Corporate PowerPoint Template

4 Ways to Deliver Branding Using a Corporate PowerPoint Template.png
Be it a sales pitch or a company profile, a PowerPoint presentation is a key visual entry point to your company’s brand experience. In fact, PowerPoint and branding go hand in hand.

Branding is building an identity for your company. Resonating it through your PowerPoint presentations educates your audience about your brand. When your audience sees your presentation, they will always relate it back to your company.

A Complete Guide to Creating Corporate PowerPoint Template.

It is always good to use branding for your internal presentations across your company as well. The employees get a sense of belonging and ownership with your brand.

Corporate PowerPoint Templates rank high when it comes to branding. Here is a visual tour on how using a PowerPoint template accentuates your brand value.

Promote your brand, one tiny step at a time by following these simple rules for your business PowerPoint template.

1. Logo

Your company’s logo is the most important aspect of branding. It defines you as a company and what you represent. A high-definition image of your company’s logo on every slide makes a subtle yet strong point about your brand.

Have clear specifications on how your logo should be placed on your presentation. It should be strategically placed and visible on big screens. At the same time, it should not be too overpowering.

Logo in your Corporate PowerPoint template

2. Color

Avoid using the default colors that comes with every PowerPoint template. Have your own brand colors that you can use for painting the interior of your office walls, for those posters you put out on the streets and your presentations.

What are the colors that resonate with your brand? If your company already has brand colors, then you may use those for your presentations as well.

Match color theme to your : Corporate PowerPoint Template

If not, picking the colors from the company logo is the wisest and easiest choice. In fact using the same colors is more effective in delivering your brand.

3. Font

You might already have a font family that you use for your brand. Like the font you use to write your company name at the entrance, on letterheads, banners, flyers and so on. This makes it easier for you to figure out which font family you should use for your PowerPoint template.

If not, then it is high time you decide on the font you should use across the company. It’s not always necessary that you use the same font for all your company needs. You could have a secondary option that you can switch to whenever needed.

Content with picture placeholder Slide

Don’t use more than one font family for your presentation. This can be very confusing and distracting. It is best that you stick to one font family, until unless it is a design element such as an infographic or a typography where you have more freedom to explore.

Remember, not all font types are suitable for presentations. Pick one that is visible and clear even to last row in the audience. Also, maintain a font size throughout a presentation. Decide the font size according to the size of your audience.

4. Consistency

This covers everything we discussed about logo, colors and font. When using logos on your powerpoint template, make sure the size and position are maintained throughout all your slides. The same goes with colors, font, font size and font colors.

Maintain a healthy relationship between all the three components, and you will get a consistent PowerPoint presentation.

Most importantly, have brand guidelines, or specification that will make it easier for your company to follow while creating a business PowerPoint presentation. 

Go on…pick up your company’s corporate template to create a rocking presentation. Not sure how to use it? Or would you like to revamp an existing one to give it a fresh new look?
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