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Kristy Shangpliang

Started out in Chillibreeze as a PowerPoint designer and realized that her niche was in marketing. She is now working fulltime as a marketing executive. She has a passion for writing and is very curious by nature. Loves animals and environment.
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Structure Your PowerPoint Presentation Using the AIDA Model

PowerPoint presentations are the most popularly used form of communication by consultancies and corporates to communicate with their clients.

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How to Use the New 3D Model Feature in PowerPoint?

We can now add 3D models into PowerPoint presentations!

This feature is available for Office 365 subscribers. It is also available in all of Microsoft Office applications, like Word and Excel.

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33 Things you should know when designing charts in PowerPoint

When was the last time you presented a document or gave a presentation without having to show some numbers? 

I bet most of your presentations have some numbers and you probably used charts for presenting them.

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How to Pick the Right Logo Design for Your Company

At Chillibreeze we recently held a logo contest for our creative services team. The participants were very excited about it. It was all that we would talk about while the event lasted.

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Why PowerPoint Presentation Designers Should Have the End User in Mind

Our job as PowerPoint presentation designers is to enhance the visual appeal of slides in a way that helps the end user understand the content of the slides easily. While doing so, we sometimes miss out on the most important aspect – the end user.

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How to Create Amazing Videos Using PowerPoint in Just 4 Simple Steps

Yes, you read it right. I did say “creating videos USING PowerPoint”. Here’s a little background before we delve into it.

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