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Sunitha Anupkumar

Sunitha Anupkumar is the Sales and Marketing manager at Chillibreeze. She is the first point of contact for every new customer. She loves juggling her duties of working with prospective customers and strategizing marketing initiatives for Chillibreeze’s presentation design services. 

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Visualization Ideas Using PowerPoint Design Elements

Ideas when presented in a visually engaging manner never fail to communicate.

Text content in combination with out-of-the-box design elements is an excellent way to not only convey your ideas but also to engage with your audience.

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4 Reasons Why you Need a Corporate PowerPoint Template

Imagine what if every member of your team is given a free rein for each of their presentation for the next big client meeting? What would you get? A dizzy mish-mash of colors, fonts, styles and images. Whatever happened to the company brand, style and consistency? Took a trek to Timbuktoo probably!

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PowerPoint Style Guide – the Easiest Way to Brand Building

Clear and professional presentation of your company’s brand gives you that marketing edge over your competitors.

What constitutes branding? A logo? Color palette? A mission statement? To many, branding begins and ends with placing a logo image on a slide.

Nothing more suicidal than putting your logo in an otherwise shabby inconsistent presentation deck. Hopefully, this is where using a PowerPoint style guide will save your brand image.

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5 Fail-Proof Visual Communication Tips to Enhance Presentations

In one of our Customer Success Stories, Todd Orwig, Director of Operations of The Spur Group, mentioned –

Chillibreeze has proven to be our behind the scenes graphics partner and a reason we win repeat business
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Minto Pyramid Principle to Showcase our New Approach to Marketing

We, at Chillibreeze work predominantly with consultants, especially management consultants. Our niche presentation design services help them communicate solutions to their clients. Always in awe of their logical problem solving abilities, I explored a bit on what helps them come up with solutions with this amazing clarity. That’s when I read about this book, that is considered by many as a bible for problem solving – The Minto Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto, an ex-McKinsey consultant.

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8 Easy Ways to Know if your Presentation is Designed Well Enough

When it comes to PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation, which of these is tougher? Knowing “what to present” OR “how to present”? Thanks to your education at business schools and subsequent years of corporate experience, you are probably a subject matter expert by now. The “WHAT” comes easily…..but…..the “HOW” is where the nightmare begins?

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