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How to Pick the Right Logo Design for Your Company

By Kristy Shangpliang
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At Chillibreeze we recently held a logo contest for our creative services team. The participants were very excited about it. It was all that we would talk about while the event lasted.

For the contest, participants were split into teams with two members – a mentor and a mentee – per team. The contest was designed in such a way that the mentees, who were part of the services team, work with the creative team and get to learn a thing or two about how the creative side of our work unfolds, how to create logos and a lot of other creative work processes.

Overall, it was a learning experience for the contestants. They learned not just to create any logo they were asked to, but also how to pick the right logo design for their fictional company.

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol combined with text that represents an organization’s brand and everything that the organization stands for. A brand identity.

A company’s logo revolves around the organization’s mission, vision, principles and beliefs, and should make a statement and influence change.

No one said it better than Saul Bass (1920-1996), a well-known graphic designer.

Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company

When you think fast fashion, what is the first name that comes to your mind?

If you asked me, I’d say Zara. They have built an identity for themselves that has kept their brand on top of their consumer's mind. And when you hear the name Zara, you instantly associate it with fashion.

You can take several different approaches to pick the right logo design for a company. The logo is very important as it has to connect well with the brand identity.

Here is what Chillibreeze staff created during the logo contest.

Before creating a logo, they had to come up with a fictional company that sells a product or service, and they had to describe the business/brand the logo represents.

RP 24X7 Taxi Service

The name of the organization says it all. It’s another taxi service like Uber and OLA.

The logo is simple and compelling. To the point, with no hidden agenda.

RP 24X7 Taxi Service

The use of color in the context of what the company does, is spot-on! You don’t need to look twice or google the logo to find out more about it. The logo speaks for itself.

When you are designing a product/service and the logo that will represent your brand, you have to consider your competitors as well and other companies with the same service/product.

Hotel Habitat

The logo appears to be a standing building, and the color orange heightens its effect.

The first letters of each word are given a 3D effect like a tall building, and the Letter L is made to look like stairway to the letters ‘H.’

Hotel Habitat

What makes Hotel Habitat unique?

It delivers an experience that no other hotels in the area can give.

A natural homely environment is assured and an added benefit for animal lovers is that they can bring their pets to stay with them! Sounds more like a home away from home, don’t you think?

The hotel’s name also suggests a connection with natural surroundings.

The color orange radiates energy and life, and demands your attention.

About Hotel Habitat

Music Juice

When you see the word ‘Juice’ and relate it to music, I imagine that you will have all your favorite songs listed in your mind.

Notice how the ‘M’ is made to represent a tune or music in this logo.

MJuice Log Description

About MJuice

It is clear that Music Juice caters to a broad audience with a wide interest in music.

Zinda Energy Solution

Zinda, the winner of the logo contest, stole our hearts. Everything about the logo resonates with what the company stands for.

Zynda Logo

The company’s focus, solar energy, is represented by the sun and their targeted region is captured by the word Zinda. The color used proclaims that the company is in the field of green energy.

The logo itself tells a story about the company’s mission and vision.

Zynda Logo Description


Fatso is a local term used in Northeast India to tease heavy and overweight people.

It is interesting to give it a positive spin and use it as a name for a gym.

Fatso Logo

About Fatso

The meaning of the logoFatso logo meaning

Logo placement


This logo talks to dog lovers. I am an animal lover, and I could tell by one look what the company stands for.

WooFare Logo

The color orange is a popular choice for most brands in all industries. It is a warm and welcoming color that attracts people.

The color represents a lot of things: joy, creativity, success, determination, happiness, fun, enjoyment, expression and so on.

About WooFare

If your company is targeting a broad customer base with different personas, your logo needs to stick in people’s minds.

By the time we were done, everyone agreed that selecting the right colors, design and company name definitely ensures that your logo has an impact and can stay on top of consumers’ minds.

When the work was done, it all looked smooth and easy.

However, a considerable amount of effort went into key activities such as coining the names of the companies and deciding what graphic elements should represent the company.

The importance of aspects such as colors of the logos, the fonts to be used, the meaning behind each element, was understood.

Phew! That definitely does not sound easy. Right?

What was it like for your company to conceptualize and design your business logo or any other logo that you have worked on?

Let us know your thoughts. Leave us a comment.

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