Presentation Design

4 Effective Ways to Use Roadmap Analogy in PowerPoint

Every other day Chillibreeze’s PowerPoint experts create templates using roadmap analogy for customers from around the globe.

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Visualizing Problem-solving in your PowerPoint Presentations

Business processes need to be constantly improved and refined to keep up with the dynamic market scenarios.

We are always on the lookout for faster and better ways to work and solve problems in our daily work.

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PowerPoint Icon Design Trends to Watch For in 2017

Icons, you see them everywhere these days.

On your phone, on the billboards that you pass by this morning, on your desktop, traffic signals, signage used in retail stores, airports, traffic signals, in a presentation. Just about everywhere! 

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Visualization Ideas Using PowerPoint Design Elements

Ideas when presented in a visually engaging manner never fail to communicate.

Text content in combination with out-of-the-box design elements is an excellent way to not only convey your ideas but also to engage with your audience.

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6 Must-Have Layout Slides For Your Business PowerPoint Templates

Ever had a PowerPoint deck that took a lifetime just to open? Or become laggy or slow to respond when you tried making changes to your presentation?

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How to get that Outstanding PowerPoint Presentation [Infographic]

As a college student, it never occurred to me that presentations were designed by professionals.

It never even occurred to me that some presentations looked better than most.

It’s like you never realize how pretty or out of place you look until someone made you aware of it.

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